We are careful to package our equipment with the finest packing materials available, to ensure your equipment reaches you safely. We have worked hard to perfect the art of shipping sensitive and valuable equipment, and we think you’ll be impressed with the results of our efforts.

We use custom, high quality boxes that have been made specifically to ship servers and workstations. Within each box, we encase your system with the best anti-impact materials available.

Each item is packed differently, according to its size, weight distribution and level of vulnerability. Depending on the item’s size and weight, we may use custom-molded foam endcaps, or in many cases, completely surround the item in what we like to call our “Magic Foam”, which dynamically fills in all empty space within the box, perfectly protecting the system inside from the wear and tear of typical shipping practices. (see demonstration above)

Our customers are often pleasantly impressed with the painstaking packaging process we go through to ensure that your products are delivered safe and sound, and occasionally request STI packaging over original manufacturer packaging!